MIRUS adj.

Mirus 3: 1. wonderful, marvelous, amazing, surprising  CONSULTING FROM PROFESSIONAL TO INTRIGUING; CLASSICAL TO STIMULATING;

Proudly headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas




Our “3” Companies (and our podcast)

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, LLC

Our goal is to provide life-changing customized wellness and weight-loss programs.  These programs are powered by the most scientifically proven weight-loss strategies.  Wellness programs help to improve productivity, increase engagement, reduce absenteeism, while addressing the rising costs of healthcare.  If you want to attract and retain high-quality employees, acquiring a healthy workplace designation is a necessity.

At Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, we support employers through the process to receive the recognition as a “Healthy Workplace”.

Affairs Afloat Balloons, LLC

Our goal is to create the absolute best balloon arrangements and designs, so we reach the heart of every single person touched by our work.

As you may notice, in our logo there is a heart which represents the heart of the client, but also reminds our team why we get up every morning and come to support our community.

ibt screenshot

IBT Consulting, LLC

To be our absolute best at offering benefit management services that are strategic, creative, and innovatively designed. 

These specialized services are designed to maintain high quality while ensuring sound financial decisions.

Our goal is to assist employers in mitigating risk, attracting and retaining top-quality employees – without compromising the financial security and health and wellness of the employees or the company.



Everything Is Up Podcast

A podcast about the successes and achievements of those that have risen to the top in their field or who have achieved a level of success and want to make a positive impact on their communites. Ordinary people are achieving remarkable things and you can too. I couldn’t be more excited to share these stories with you.

Tammera Hollerich

Need a Speaker for Your Next
Live or Virtual Event?

Tammera Hollerich, Mirus3’s CEO is an author, lecturer, and a highly sought after expert. Tammera has been invited to speak to notable institutions such as the Dallas Baptist University, McClennan Community College, Fort Worth ISD, Tulsa Public Schools, as well as various Chambers of Commerce and Corporations across the country.

Consulting from professional to intriguing, classical to stimulating, always thought-provoking.


Imagine your company from the daily operations to marketing and sales, then multiply by three. Add elements of psychology, nutrition, and balloon artistry, and you have the intriguing entity that is Mirus3. Lead by CEO Tammera L. Hollerich, Mirus3 is the parent company for Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, LLC, Affairs Afloat Balloons and Insurance Benefits Team. Born from the success of each of these businesses, Mirus3 provides leadership coaching skills, strategy development, and operational improvement consulting. By distilling a lifetime of entrepreneurial development, Mirus3 brings fresh perspectives to identify challenges and to serve as the basis of recommendations for more effective or stimulating methods of conducting business.

Meet the Team


Heather Walker
Executive Assistant
New Business Development


Stephanie Chapa
Account Manager
IBT Consulting


Mellissa Fick
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Dee Dee
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Jennifer Hankins
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Autumn Briley
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Shy Ann Martinez
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Melanie Forsythe
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Katelyn Chapa
Balloon Hero
Affairs Afloat Balloons


Brailey McGuire


Mary Westrup
Administrative Asst.


Sarah Sheley
Administrative Asst.