The Mirus3 Story

It all started as a one-woman insurance consulting firm. But that changed in 1996, when owner Tammera Hollerich started the groundwork for Mirus3, the parent company that today includes three successful enterprises: Affairs Afloat Balloons, Healthy Lifestyle Secrets, and Insurance Benefits Team. Mirus is Latin for “extraordinary” and the 3 represents the number of subsidiaries.

“We do everything extraordinary,” she says of the Mirus3 philosophy. “If we can’t do it with excellence, we learn how to make necessary improvements. That applies to our products and services, the way we treat customers, and the efficient use of time and resources.

“We want all our customers to feel they get the trademark extraordinary service we’re known for,” she explains. “We want them to know they’re important to us. If they have questions about insurance or health and wellness, we don’t just answer them – we teach them, giving them the why behind the how. If they order balloons, we create the biggest WOW possible.”

The first of the Mirus3 companies, Insurance Benefits Team – branded “Education Is Your Solution” – provides health and life insurance as well as consulting to individuals and businesses. With all the recent changes to health insurance, education is invaluable, Tammera explains. Click here for more about Insurance Benefits Team.

Healthy Lifestyle Secrets is a value-added service of Tammera’s insurance company, and is an on-site corporate wellness and weight-management program, providing personalized nutritional plans for maximum health. The company offers community-based classes all over the DFW Metroplex and parts of Oklahoma, as well as private consultations and training. Click here to learn more about Healthy Lifestyle Secrets.

As a way to market the insurance company, Tammera created Affairs Afloat Balloons in 2003 but, the more arrangements she delivered, the more people requested them. By 2009, she had to move the business out of her home to a larger building. Today, the balloon company has four full-time and three part-time employees and keeps two delivery vans on the road. Affairs Afloat Balloons is a partner with the Fort Worth Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for event decorations and a founding member of Balloon Planet, the FTD of the balloon industry. That means the company literally delivers balloons worldwide. Click here for more information on Affairs Afloat Balloons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a high value impact on the world around us by creating happier, healthier and more joyful days to those we have the honor to serve.

To ensure a completely positive experience for our clients we will respond quickly, professionally, and with the most positive attitude.

“I never imagined what eventually would transpire when I started my one-woman shop. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you simply FOCUS (our acronym for Fostering Originality, Creativity, Understanding, and Selflessness.”
-Tammera Hollerich