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Mirus3 is the parent company for: Insurance Benefits, Affairs Afloat Balloons, and Healthy Lifestyle Secrets. Open Position: Health Insurance Administrative Assistant Specialist—Balloon Décor Specialist—Healthy Lifestyle Secrets Specialist. You will be required to learn all aspects of each business under Mirus3.


  1. You will be required from time to time to work a possible weekend, mostly Saturdays to support the Balloon Company and generally one Saturday per month.
  2. This environment is best suited for individuals who have a wellness mindset, as we represent a wellness company.
  3. You will be required to pass all training segments within the first six months of employment date and will be required to complete any training asked of you.
  4. You’re required to be on time to work, and be dressed to meet the company dress code.
  5. You may be required to travel to various areas of Texas to support one of the Mirus3 companies at events such as enrollment meetings or tradeshows.
  6. You will be required to pass a drug test prior to employment and a background check will be completed.
  7. A positive attitude is required at all times.
  8. You are required to be a problem solver at all times.
  9. Knowledge of medical terminology is strongly encouraged.
  10. A basic understanding of the Health Insurance system is necessary.
  11. Complete knowledge of Microsoft Office, ie. Word, Excel & PPT is required.
  12. You are required to know how to type, file, have appropriate phone skills, and be computer literate.
  13. You must not have a fear of loud noises, ie. balloon popping.
  14. May be required to move heavy objects, ie. Balloon equipment.
  15. Must be very flexible with hours.
  16. Must have clean driving record, and proof of liability insurance.

Additional Information: Annual salary will be determined by your experience and will be discussed in the interview process.